Images without pictures – The Girl Effect

Posted 22 May 2010 — by davidc_7IF
Category Conventional imagery

This campaign video is interesting for the fact it uses no photographs, yet conjures up a powerful image. In the video (at 0:37) the call to imagine a girl living in poverty depends for its success on viewers being able to recall stereotypes. The fact that they producers are confident of this recall in the absence of the pictures is testament to the power of the stereotypes being suggested.

How to photograph without “enhancing the poverty”

Posted 05 May 2010 — by davidc_7IF
Category Alternative visuals

The South African photographer Zwelethu Mthethwa has a new book, and some of the photos with his narration can be seen in a slideshow on the Mail and Guardian’s web site.

In it he makes any interesting statements, including that “it is so easy to make poverty beautiful, so easy to idealise things” and that black and white “enhances the poverty.” In contrast, he favours colour and the interest it gives to a situation. He is also overt about the collaborative process through which he records his sitters, with the resultant portraits being political.