And now for more of the same…

Posted 20 Dec 2010 — by davidc_7IF
Category Conventional imagery

Ever wondered if the stereotypes of famine are a thing of the past? Ever thought that surely now, in 2010, no one takes images of fly blown children anymore? Then think about this image and its caption, from’s Big Picture review of the year’s photographs.

UPDATE 20/12/10:

Shortly after posting this, Charlie Beckett alerted me to this video example from Save the Children. It was published in July this year:

Starved for Attention – malnutrition in context?

Posted 14 Jun 2010 — by davidc_7IF
Category Alternative visuals, Context and Analysis

Starved for Attention, the collaboration between MSF and VII to draw attention to the problem of endemic malnutrition, attempts to put the issue in context.

In an interesting interview, Marcus Bleasdale (at 02:52) remarks:

As a photojournalist I’ve been as guilty as anybody else in fuelling this stereotypical image of the starving child in Africa, and one of the great things about this project was that it allowed us to concentrate on the larger picture, it allowed us to concentrate on, not just malnutrition itself, but the reasons behind it and the people that are dealing with it…

Whether the project succeeds in its aims remains to be seen, largely because only two of the planned stories are currently available, though all should be online by mid-July.

We await the others with interest, and hope to do a review of the project when it is complete.