Colonial photographs of Africa

Posted 10 Feb 2011 — by davidc_7IF
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The UK National Archives maintains a series of Flickr galleries, helpfully putting many of its images into the public domain for easy access and use. Amongst them are photographs from the Colonial Office archives covering a number of African countries, on a page entitled “Africa Through a Lens“.

An interesting feature of the Colonial Office collections is that many of the images do not have captions or contextual information, and by posting them on Flickr, the National Archive is hoping that viewers will be able to provide some of the missing information.

The Guardian has a story on the National Archives Africa images here.

Photo: CO1069-2-21.

And now for more of the same…

Posted 20 Dec 2010 — by davidc_7IF
Category Conventional imagery

Ever wondered if the stereotypes of famine are a thing of the past? Ever thought that surely now, in 2010, no one takes images of fly blown children anymore? Then think about this image and its caption, from’s Big Picture¬†review of the year’s photographs.

UPDATE 20/12/10:

Shortly after posting this, Charlie Beckett alerted me to this video example from Save the Children. It was published in July this year: