Electrification in Ghana

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Posted 25 Aug 2010 in Alternative visuals

Peter DiCampo’s multimedia story on the lack of electrification in northern Ghana is a compelling account of an important story, all the more so because of the way it makes the voices and views of those affected central. By giving subjects their agency it let’s us see a problem in a way that doesn’t affirm negative stereotypes.

Life Without Lights from Peter DiCampo on Vimeo.

Year-round in Ghana, the sun sets at 6pm and rises at 6am – thus, the residents of communities lacking electricity live half of their lives in the dark. Over ten years ago, the government of Ghana began a massive campaign to provide the country’s rural north with electricity, but the project ceased almost immediately after it began. The work sluggishly resumes during election years, as candidates attempt to garner popularity and votes. But at present, an estimated 73% of villages remain without electricity in the neglected north – an area comprising 40% of the country.

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